It is essential that you send a covering letter with your CV, this is your chance to put your strongest case forward to convince a potential employer to give you an interview.

This is your opportunity to highlight your skills and ability relevant to the position you are applying for. Keep the letter to one page and do not oversell yourself.

Allow your personality and enthusiasm to come through in your letter. Apply a formal business edge but keep in mind the position you are applying for. If the position is in a bank for example – keep a formal style. However if you are applying for a position in a Sales and Marketing role allow your creative side to be more evident.

You need to emphasise your point to within the first two paragraphs, do not allow your letter to become a novel.

In the following paragraphs it is your opportunity to expand on your knowledge and experience but remember to keep it relevant to the position – and always finish on a positive note!

Download our PDF example – Covering Letter

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